3 Ways to Save Money without Compromising Features

Website and Hosting Included
Website hosting isn't super expensive, but custom website design can cost $100's or even $1000's!  Plus, once you have your site, there are additional costs for maintenance and changes.  With a hosted website included, you not only save a ton of setup and design costs up front, you keep saving month over month.

Get Integrated Payments with ACH Included
Don't pay extra for software to manage memberships and payments... get it built in. When class schedule signup and website access are limited by membership status, members stay up-to-date with payments and you don't have to worry.  Plus, make sure ACH is an option with your online merchant. Having athletes pay with bank accounts could save $$ every month in transaction fees!

Bundle As Many Features As Possible
Don't pay extra for electronic waivers, class scheduling, hosting, membership management, payments, or workout history and tracking.  Get this all in one package if possible and save on costs and headaches.  Other services cost extra and cause you and your athletes to maintain multiple account logins and website links.

RxGym can do all 3 of these for you, plus much more.
Setup a free, no obligation website in just a few minutes!