Domain Pointing: GoDaddy Example

Here is what you should do if you purchased your domain from GoDaddy...

First, you only need the domain, nothing else. We host your website for you. They will try to upsell domain privacy and business features... not needed!

You don't need to get email, unless you want a custom email that links to your domain, but it will be through GoDaddy and not through RxGYM so be aware of that. Our suggestion is to keep whatever email you have, like GMail or Yahoo or Hotmail and if you want to add email through the domain, you can do that later, but keep it simple at first.

Once you have the domain, you will need to point it via a DNS Zone File 'A' record. Our server's IP address is so look at the screenshot below to see how to point your domain using an 'A' DNS record.  If there is already an 'A' record with Host = '@' then modify that one.  You don't want two with the same host.

Once you have this DNS Zone File record saved, let us know the exact domain name and we will make sure everything is working on our end to resolve that domain to your website.

If you have more than one domain, do the same and they will all point to the same RxGYM site.  If you have an old domain, you can use the 'forward permanently' option so users see the new domain, but don't use the 'forward-with-masking' option... it uses frames to accomplish this, and frames cause problems with search engines as well as potential security/cookie problems, just avoid 'forward-with-masking' if possible.

As always, if you have questions, we are here to help.